Knitting Kris

Most people have an obsession; mine is knitting. - Elizabeth Zimmermann, Knitting without Tears, 1971.


April 2015

I have started a podcast about my knitting exploits, knitting book review, knitting pattern review and knitting events.
If you want to have a listen you can go to:
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To listen to the first show:

October 2014

Welcome to the improved website.
I have changed the look of the site slightly, but I have removed the need for a separate HTML editor. I now code this webpage by hand. This has meant learning CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and some HTML. A good guide can be found at Therefore, some of the fancy gallery features are not included, but the website should be sleek and quicker to load.

I have updated the pattern pages to reflect the patterns I have written. If you do get stuck on any of the patterns, please let me know! The best way to feedback is via Ravelry, since it will help other people using the pattern.

I have also managed to find a script to enable this website to be compliant with EU and UK cookie law. Thanks to for supplying a free and decent script.