Knitting Kris

Most people have an obsession; mine is knitting. - Elizabeth Zimmermann, Knitting without Tears, 1971.

About me.

I am based in the Hertfordshire countryside, well I can see a field and within walking distances of farms. I enjoy Hertfordshire and I enjoy walking around it. There are some nice bits which are old towns (not the new ones except Welwyn Garden City) and some nice picturesque villages. It is not well known for its peaks or mountainous regions (it is not that hilly).

I studied Astrophysics and my thesis is available to anyone from the University of Hertfordshire [download]. I can safely say that producing a book that less than 10 people have read, it will put you to sleep.

I am interested in Astronomy, but can only dip into it now and again.

I have been knitting for a while. I was taught at an early age and picked it up in my late twenties. I found that it was addictive and it helped dealing with the stress of a long commute on the train. I have made many knitted items [Ravelry Link - you may need to log in]. I am most proud of my sisters wedding scarf, which was made out of silk and took a long time to make.

Currently, I am experimenting with writing knitting patterns. I like the mathematical and the logic behind them. Check this website for latest news and any new patterns.