Knitting Kris

Most people have an obsession; mine is knitting. - Elizabeth Zimmermann, Knitting without Tears, 1971.

Have lots of old shirts or clothing that you cannot donate to a charity shop? Well, I have a solution: cut them up, knot them together and make a mat. I suggest you remove any zips or buttons first. This is a nice thrifty item for something that would end up in a landfill.

The first pattern for my solar system knits. Originally for the iPhone 4G and 4Gs or phone of similar dimensions. The iPhone 5 will require slightly more rows, but this is included in the pattern.

This pattern is to scale means that your iPhone Cosy will be to a scale of 1:1,219,000,000 to Saturn's rings. Each row represents 2300 Km (1400 miles).